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Halloween 2016 – Jackpot October 31, 2016

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I attached a nylon belt to a toy slot machine coin bank so I could hang it around my neck, and created a music box using an ATtiny861 to play sound effects. The music box uses three differently colored gumdrop LEDs that hover over mini push button switches, so that pushing down an LED results in a push button switch being depressed. The LEDs were made to spring back by bending their leads at a right angle, running them through heat shrink, and gluing the heat shrink to the board (see the picture below). If the player hit the jackpot I pressed the green button to play winning sound effects. If a jackpot wasn’t hit the red button was pressed, and a losing sound effect was played. The orange button played Halloween themed sound clips. A schematic can be found by following the link in the found in the GitHub repo for the code.



Music Box Code on GitHub