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TSL230R Articles April 24, 2010

This series of articles explains how to use the TAOS’s TSL230R-LF.

Getting Started with the TSL230R and Arduino
This article explains how to wire the TSL230R and use Arduino code running on an ATmega to count and display the output frequency.

How to Convert a Graph Saved as an Image to Point Series Plot Data
Often important data in a datasheet is given in a graph that is an image. This article explains how you can transform these types of graphs into data that be used to perform calculations within in a program.

Adding Serial Control
The TSL230R has programmable sensitivity and frequency scaling. This article explains how the basic code given the first article can be extended to add control of a light source and the TSL230R’s programmable options over the serial port.

Irradiance Meter
This article explains how the TSL230R converts irradiance to its output frequency and how to calculate the spectral irradiance using a spectrogram or a suitable model of the light’s spectrum.


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